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Episode 25 · 1 year ago

The Demo-(Mini Episode)


This week, host, Eric Baines, features his original demo that he used to network when he first made the move to Los Angeles. He talks about the tragic death of singer Winston Ford and does a shout out to the musicians of Denver, CO.

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...singer. You probably have heard him onthe song. I can dream about you from the one thousand nine hundred andeighty four movie streets of fire with Diane Lane Dan Hartman actually had thehit with it from the soundtrack but Winstan saying it on the movie, I'm atWinston, in high school through a friend of mine, and I had done manyrecordings with them. So he was kind of enough to say yes to narrating this, and he also sings backgrounds on thebridge of my song, can't deny my heart, which you'll hear on the demo and hehad lived in a Los Angeles and moved back to Denver by the time. I met him.So he was a direct link to the big time for me, so he had an incredible sense of humor andfull of knowledge and talent Winston passed away in two thousand and sevenwhen his car veered off the road coming home from a GIG and Evergreen Colorado,and it was not only a awful loss for his family and loved ones, but also forthe Denver Music Community. So I listene to this Damo a little bitdifferently now and I feel extremely privileged to have him on it. So in theinterest of education and with the full knowledge that I may never work againafter this, please enjoy my first Los Angeles Demo, Inkin, sincere, soful and powerful. Allof these words have been used to describe fase players. Singer:Songwriter Eric Ban he's a talented and skilled musician with a not from makingit all look so easy in the next fifteen minutes. You'll experience a bit ofwhat ary things does...

...for the last three years. Eric Bayneshas played and sung all over the country with contemporary Ajazzsexophonus Nelson Rangel and appears on his last two albums, always and farawayda and I'd like to get a sincererecommendation and good word. OFA behalf of Aric Ban, arexifying, basist and singer and he'sable to execute an grove and lenning style had a great sound, great ticniqueat a really good darket and have an actualtag. I he's prompt, serious tolearn and memorize material he's, always supportid an emergetic on behalfof music and leader and e's, a pleasure on a personal level as well. I'veplayed with Aric for a few years now, and I can say without reservation thatyou'll be very happy to hige Aric for just about any sort of gake.

Besides being a world class base player,Eric Banes is also a singer songwriter and has recently released a CD oforiginal songs entitled different kinds of people. Te CD features both hisvocal ability, as well as his face plain on. What Base Player magazinerefers to as pleasing RN B, tinged tunes with toneful doving Bas track INI, MI, there's nothing I can tearing o Sup but lit's Pushin meetowards you. I've never felt such far. I finish that I could cry. I should walk away, but I just can'tstake it by a FIHT and O fin. I know it's not too smart, but I can't inny my bbn feple to but Youve got bythat. Ican yo of my life hello. My name is Tayler metplay, I'm aproducer phone writer and Erformer in the Denver, Colorado area and I'veworked with Eric Ban many times always been credibly happy with thisprofessional attitude, an in wonderful plane. There are very, very few peoplearound back and play on the level oftact you can play on consistently anexcellent musician, very sensitive to the tune over play, have great shops,great oal and he total pleasure to work with so highest recommendations for anyproject that you're looking for a basis. Orfolk Li te boar cone writer- I verypersoval very good at what he does and a great guy and sees around its clan tome. Everything I want to breat show the dog is a lie, my way with everythingshe has to Tik Wen this Lihe Tom down on me. Se fix me up cars me,...

...ging, meeric vanes appears on minithemes and jingles for sports teams such as the Colorado Avalanche and theColorado rapids, and companies such as TCI, cable and the cors brew. Eric bangs has performed recorded andTord with many other artists, including guitars, Chuck, Lobe sexophonus, JosephVen, Chelly and drummer, and founding member of the band Chicago Denny Servin. My name is Talo an I a Sarth New YorkCity, corting, O itanicy record. It has pleasure, playing Derek Ban who's, afantastic musician and came credibly well prepared to my Gig and played allthe music really beautifully with great pleasure to play with him and myopinion of Trat. I future in ICRAZY IISIE. We are DIFEEJOSEPH and shely. Have youer gin to pats Wen O, come to Denver to Distan date and always shows up veryfully prepared? I send them music. He learns the music and here's a great jobon the band stand comes on time, professional from the beginning to theend, so I highly recommend Eric for any tate, whethertly recording or live wear dibecause. This is Danny Serphin calling I wanted to leave a letter oreference for Perik wanted to say that I worked with Eric an emember ofprojects used him in the studio many...

...times, besides being a very, very toti,bas, car player, Hav, a great attitude and work at the and I highlyrecommended very versia, complay all genres of music very strongly. I giveEric complet ums up o Getalon sts Arinsi, try to Eieach oter one another. Try todiscover the BA to eric bans is a talented and motivatedperson who brings energy and enthusiasm to every musical situation, as well asten years of experience and the perfect track reton to learn more about Eric Banes. Go tome, wwdot Eric Banscom. Thank you for listening, Ntsam Woai, one every CURC and try totalk thing: Oha, Mus, TR, Roun, but itake. Youunderstand IFPEOPLE, TRY TO BIROUNDI! You understand, gotpeople toa time, I'd like to take a second to thank youfor listening to the dive Bar Rockstar podcast as a new podcast, getting theword out as a vital part of what it takes to keep the show on the road or off the road as the current case.Maybe if you would like to support the podcast all you got to do subscribewherever you listen and if you have an extra minute or two neese leave areview, you can also share and follow the podcast on your social media, apps, okay enough begging, I hope you'rehaving fun and once again thank you for listening.

Well, that was certainly a lot ofslapping. I haven't done that much slapping since, since I did that Demo,I think not true. I also thought I think Ithink I was trying to start my smooth Jaz wrapper career, so I hope you'redoit, maybe there's still time. I know maybe there's a there's a market for it.Well, I probably wouldn't be Weari im today without that demo, so it did thejob and it stuck in people's minds, and I guess that's all. I could ask forright. I played in Denver for almost ten years after college before movingto Los Angeles, and although it was at times tortuous, I look back with Super Fuwn memoriesand I try to keep in touch with as many people as I can. So if you're listening,you know shout out to all y'all. If you'd like to hear more aboutDenver's music history and when I did there, he hould check out a coolpodcast called Mile High Music, which is hosted by a couple of friends ofmine, a drummer friend who hav played a lot with in his son, Kyle and RyanBortock, and I am the guest on the seventh episode. The Demo was editedand mixed by Mik Hupfor, who I've known since elementary school and was thefriend that introduced me to Winston Ford. Actually, he had a studion Denverfor years and I was a staff base player before I left. He was kind of mymusical rival. I would say in high school, but he's very thallenged he's talented music producer and writer.The two sack songs featured Nelson Ran Jel, who, as my first national touringartist employer, I toured with him for three years leading up to my departurefrom Denver and he was an intense boss and it was the first time that I everreally felt pressure on a GIG, the pressure to be great or you're going tolose your job kind of pressure. You know which I'm you know familiar with nowliving in the big city, but he taught me a lot but he's a great player and ishad an incredible career. So Yo should ou soal check him out. Nelson Ran Jill,most of the keyboards are performed by Denver producer singer, songwriter,Taylor, missplay who's, just an incredible Denver talent. I first sawhim when he was thirteen years old playing in his dad's jazz fusin bandcalled wind machine and he just totally blew my mind at thirteen. He could keepup with any keyboard player I've ever seen, so you can find his solar recordson spotify and in one of those songs. In the background, you can hear a saxplayer, a Tendersex player that sounds like he's playing out on the streetsand that's Daren Ron and he's another denver talent. That's amazing and worthchecking out. He actually mixed and mastered the album that my songs arecoming from on this demo, the record s called different kinds of people, butdon't look for it because I never released it digitally digitally. Soyou'll probably only find it in like the dollar. Fifty Bin, at whateverrecord stores, are left, but he went on to become quite well known in thesmooth jazz world because he produces a...

...lot of artists, a lot of tracks, aswell as his own solo stuff, so he's another Guid to look for Daran Ron. Iguess this episodeis turning into a big shout out to Denver and why not tenders,a great town. I had a lot of fun there and I hope that all the musicians arefinding a way to survive. This pandemic Yand Kno, it's hitting everybodyeverywhere. So it's a complete drag, but it's a great city. It's got a lotof great players and- and I miss it a lot so next week we're going to getback to interviews and the great multiinstrumentalist Walter Eno will bemy guest, but I hope you enjoyed this one wow you've made it to the end, I'mhoping it's because you completely enjoyed yourself and are now filledwith knowledge and inspiration to move forward with your dreams. If that isthe case, and you would like to stay informed of new episodes live eventsand General News, please go to dive Bar rockstarcom and sign up for themalinist. If you have any questions, comments, corrections or complaintsabout anything you hear on the show. Please email me at Fan mail at dive BarRock Starcom, and you may even end up on the show we at the Divebar Rock Starpodcast with all of our hearts. Thank you for listening and remember. It'sall about dreams.

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