Rudy Cardenas- The Wedding Session Rock Star (American Idol, Waiting for Monday)


Rudy Cardenas talks about what it’s like to make a living as a singer in Los Angeles. He covers session work, wedding bands, and tribute acts as well as his new band project “Waiting for Monday” which is signed to Frontiers Records. Rudy gets candid about his time on Season 6 of American Idol and the ups and downs of that experience. He discusses what the audition process was like and how it’s effected his career since.

Waiting for Monday

Rudy Cardenas: Fly

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Episode 16 · 1 month ago

George Shelby- Never Sight Read...Ever (Phil Collins, The Voice)

George Shelby plays saxophone, clarinets, flutes, penny whistle, vocoder and many other random wind instruments. He explains that this is the plight of the modern day saxophonist. He also shares his insight into the Los Angeles session player world and talks about the modern horn section studio experience. He talks about being on the road with pop legend, Phil Collins. He reveals his secret to being a great reader and tells his story of meeting Barack and Michelle Obama.

Real Men Wear Pink:

Episode 15 · 2 months ago

Cory James- We’re Living In A Chops Era (Trixie Mattel)

Multi-instrumentalist and musical director, Cory James, reveals his favorite instrument to play. He talks about his experience as musical director for RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars winner, comedian and singer/songwriter, Trixie Mattel. He provides some insight to the life of a young musician just coming up during, arguably, the worst time to be a musician. He discusses the importance of chops and when to use them. Cory also talks about growing up with a musician for a Dad.

Trixie Mattel Live:

Episode 14 · 2 months ago

Gary "Gig" Grantham- We’re Not In The Music Business, We’re In Show Business (TLR- Experience The Eagles’ Music, Castle Entertainment Group)

Creative director, artist representative, manager, guitar player, singer, Gary “Gig” Grantham, dives deep into the world of tribute bands. He talks about the origins of his band TLR- Experience The Eagles Music and his concept of what makes a good tribute band. He describes the show “Dark Desert Highway" that he’s created which takes the tribute show to a whole other level. He reminisces about his travels in Asia and shares his thoughts about the future of music during the pandemic.

TLR- Experience The Eagles Music

Episode 13 · 2 months ago

Bill Cinque- We Leave on Sunday (Neil Diamond, Peter Asher)

Bass Player, vocalist, producer and author, Bill Cinque remembers his time on the road with Neil Diamond and explains how he got the gig. He describes how he came to his unique way of playing the bass (upside down and left handed). Bill and host, Eric Baines, reminisce about they’re first meeting. Bill tells stories from his book entitled, “The Amazing Adventures of a Marginally Successful Musician”. He also shares his experience as a public speaker.

The Amazing Adventures of a Marginally Successful Musician: