Rudy Cardenas- The Wedding Session Rock Star (American Idol, Waiting for Monday)


Rudy Cardenas talks about what it’s like to make a living as a singer in Los Angeles. He covers session work, wedding bands, and tribute acts as well as his new band project “Waiting for Monday” which is signed to Frontiers Records. Rudy gets candid about his time on Season 6 of American Idol and the ups and downs of that experience. He discusses what the audition process was like and how it’s effected his career since.

Waiting for Monday

Rudy Cardenas: Fly

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Episode 20 · 4 weeks ago

Jay Gore- You Do What You Gotta Do (Warren Hill, Mindi Abair, Hillary Duff)

Guitarist and Los Angeles native, Jay Gore, shares his stories of growing up playing on the Sunset Strip and starting out with his original band at 13 years old. He talks about his transition from the pop world to the smooth jazz world and give us some insight into the making of his solo records. Jay also talks about the current state of the L.A. music scene and how he has been passing the time during the pandemic.

Episode 19 · 1 month ago

Eugene Edwards- “Amazing Musician, Phenomenal Player” (Dwight Yoakam, Sha Na Na)

Guitar player and vocalist, Eugene Edwards, talks about growing up in a small town and his road to Berklee College of Music. He tells the story of getting his current gig with Dwight Yoakam and his approach to the playing. He discusses his second record which he just released yet recorded years ago and he takes us through the writing of some of the songs. Eugene also talks about his time with the world famous band, Sha Na Na.

Eugene Edwards- A Week Of Sundays:

Jukebox Graduate:

Guitar Lessons:

Fender Play:

Episode 18 · 1 month ago

August Zadra- Try To Be More Of A Musician Than A Guitarist (Dennis DeYoung, Waiting For Monday)

Guitarist and vocalist, August Zadra, shares his story of YouTube discovery which lead to him playing guitar and singing with founding member of the band Styx, Dennis DeYoung. He explains how he got from his small town in Alaska to the big city of Los Angeles. He talks about the formation of his current project, Waiting For Monday, and how he started his weekly Facebook Live performances. August also talks about the profound influence Eddie Van Halen had on him and his playing.

Dennis DeYoung, 26 East, Vol.1:

Waiting For Monday:

Episode 17 · 1 month ago

Noriko Olling- Find Your Musical Soulmate (Chaka Khan, Tina Marie, Rick James)

Keyboardist, Noriko Olling, explains how she came to the U.S. from Japan and became a top call keyboard player in Los Angeles. She talks about the joys of living in a recording studio and reveals where the inspiration came from for her newest album, “My Path”. She shares some of her experiences as a woman in an industry dominated by men and what it’s been like working for legendary artists. Noriko also shares some tips on making great charts.

Noriko on Spotify:

Noriko on YouTube: