Jennifer Jo Oberle- Trust Yourself (Vertical Horizon, Peter Asher, Five For Fighting)


Bass player/Singer/Orchestrator/Arranger/Songwriter Jennifer Jo Oberle talks about the many hats she wears in her career. She talks about her first show with the band “Vertical Horizon”. She discusses her experience in the house salsa band on the Mexican TV show, “Noches Con Platanito”. Jen reflects on her experiences as a side musician versus being in a band. She also talks about her songwriting process and her current original projects.

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Episode 8 · 3 months ago

Rudy Cardenas- The Wedding Session Rock Star (American Idol, Waiting for Monday)

Rudy Cardenas talks about what it’s like to make a living as a singer in Los Angeles. He covers session work, wedding bands, and tribute acts as well as his new band project “Waiting for Monday” which is signed to Frontiers Records. Rudy gets candid about his time on Season 6 of American Idol and the ups and downs of that experience. He discusses what the audition process was like and how it’s effected his career since.

Waiting for Monday

Rudy Cardenas: Fly

Episode 7 · 3 months ago

Jackiem Joyner- Will Smith in Russia (The Sax Pack, Keiko Matsui)

Saxophonist Jackiem Joyner talks about his career as a sideman playing with Keiko Matsui and others while building his brand and eventually becoming a #1 charting artist. He talks about the challenges of producing his own records and reveals how he gets his signature sax sound. Jackiem talks about his favorite plugins and mixing styles. He also discusses his other talent: novelist. Check out his new album “Touch”.


Episode 6 · 3 months ago

Derek Frank- Look Like A Rock Star (Gwen Stefani, Shania Twain)

Bass Player Derek Frank talks about his experience playing dual Las Vegas residencies with Gwen Stefani and Shania Twain. He talks about preparing for gigs, writing charts and sending good subs. He tells some road stories of his time with Air Supply and his first time playing in Vegas. Derek remembers his time at the University of Miami and why he lives in L.A.. He reflects on his diverse career of jazz, pop and country. He discusses how much control we’re in of our careers.

Let The Games Begin…

Episode 5 · 3 months ago

Lucas Grabeel- Hey, Kid! You Should Be In The Pictures! (High School Musical, Switched At Birth, Pinky Malinky)

Actor/singer/songwriter/musician, Lucas Grabeel, talks about his musical journey to stardom. From his early days in local musical theater to writing music for tv and film. He reminisces about making the High School Musical movies as well as the tour and how that changed his life. Lucas opens up about some of the hard lessons he’s learned in both his acting life and his musical life. He also tells the story of being “discovered” in Los Angeles.

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