Jennifer Jo Oberle- Trust Yourself (Vertical Horizon, Peter Asher, Five For Fighting)


Bass player/Singer/Orchestrator/Arranger/Songwriter Jennifer Jo Oberle talks about the many hats she wears in her career. She talks about her first show with the band “Vertical Horizon”. She discusses her experience in the house salsa band on the Mexican TV show, “Noches Con Platanito”. Jen reflects on her experiences as a side musician versus being in a band. She also talks about her songwriting process and her current original projects.

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Episode 12 · 2 months ago

Steve Ferlazzo- The Playing Comes First (Avril Lavigne, Nuno Bettencourt)

Keyboardist/vocalist/musical director, Steve Ferlazzo, gets real about his experience during the lockdown, missing out on a whole summer tour. He talks about his time at Berklee College of Music and the unique lessons he learned from the experience. He takes you behind the scenes of the Soundcheck Live jam in Hollywood, CA, the jam that he’s run for the last several years. Steve also talks about the importance and sometimes burden of social media.

Let It Be-

Music Cares-

Episode 11 · 3 months ago

Loren Gold- Everybody Makes Mistakes (The Who, Hillary Duff)

Keyboardist, songwriter, musical director, Loren Gold, talks about his time as musical director for Hillary Duff, Demi Levato, Selena Gomez and more. He recalls his audition for Roger Daltrey and how that eventually lead to his current job, keyboardist for The Who. He explains how he recorded his second record on a laptop and how he wrote two instructional books. Loren reveals his long time love of the bay area and for the San Francisco Giants. He also gives some free golf tips.

Loren Gold on Spotify:

Taylor Hicks Live:

Episode 10 · 3 months ago

Mike Hill- Don’t Be Afraid To Ask (Postmodern Jukebox, Mad T Party)

Bass player, Mike Hill, recalls his experience working in a hit show at a Disney Park.  He talks about how he was able to turn that fan support into a kick starter campaign that earned over $40,000 to make his “Love and War” album and documentary. He explains in-depth how he put together a team of players, singers, writers and a producer to create and record an album of all original music. He shares the lessons he learned from the process and the dynamics between producer and artist. Mike talks about his time on reality TV. He also opens up about the trials and tribulations of living and working in Los Angeles.

Love And War Album

Acquiesce (Live)

Love And War Documentary

Post Modern Jukebox Open Letter

Amanda Palmer Ted Talk

Episode 9 · 3 months ago

Michael Bluestein- Phantom Limbs (Foreigner, Enrique Iglesias)

Keyboardist, producer, singer/songwriter, Michael Bluestein, gets deep about the path of the artist and sideman. He tells the story of his audition for the legendary rock band, Foreigner and what it’s like playing with rock stars. He reminisces about his days at Berklee College of Music and how that helped him step up his playing. Michael announces the release of the new single with his duo, Tina Blue, which is a really cool cover of the Rolling Stones classic, “Paint It Black”. He also discusses some current ways to distribute your music.

Tina Blue- "Paint It Black" Video:

Tina Blue- “Paint It Black” Single:

Michael Bluestein Solo Artist: